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Around the corner, or across the country, HelpGate remains in touch with your team.
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One of HelpGate's Core Values is communication. We are set up to do business with consultants and integrators from anywhere within the continental United States and Canada.

Whether you are a consulting firm in Seattle, or a New York-based nationwide integrator performing work in Florida, we will make sure to remain in touch. HelpGate includes free Web Conferencing throughout the project. This service is easy to use, secure and provides reliable desktop sharing and collaboration.

We will meet with offsite members of your team, give online presentations, streamline workflow, provide remote support and much more.

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Through Web Conference we will host online meetings that are vital to understand the project. We will make sure to have a meeting agenda, all hard and soft copies of any documents before the meeting to make sure that communication goes smoothly and to show you how much we care for your time. All of this without any of us leaving the convenience of our office, our desk, and the power of our own PC.



CAD Drawings Review
        Web Conference, enables us to review AutoCAD drawings before and after. We don't have the need to increase the cost of high-quality paper, full-color plotting, and overnight shipping of full sets. HelpGate CAD specialists will have the ability to review the work done and make changes as the meeting goes along or right after. Web Conferencing provides desktop sharing, and your team and our team will be able to always be in the same page. You will receive the hard copies only when the review process has been fully completed.  
        Easy to Use
        Our system is easy, and it does not require for you to enroll to a Web Conference provider. Just click on the link provided via email or our dedicated presentation web page link, and we will take care of the rest.    



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