TOUGH ECONOMY: Is your company in the stage of downsizing, rigthsizing or reengineering?

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In turbulent times, integrators and consulting firms may be forced to look into their organizations with new eyes. Rethinking and radically redesigning business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in performance, quality, service and speed are a MUST. You can spend valuable resources in executing a complete reengineering process but the outcome will always be to outsource. Outsourcing is the most valuable end result of reengineering. Outsourcing designates internal processes and operations to a third-party company in order to improve costs and performance.

However, although security integrators and consultants believed in outsourcing, it was close to impossible to find reliable and specialized help in an industry that requires peculiar knowledge and expertise that takes decades to acquire. It may be easy to find help, but costly and time absorbing because unexperienced outsourcing demands coaching to get it right.

HelpGate can save the trouble of reengineering and hiring unethical or inexperienced resources by providing all the resources that integrators and consultants need to survive and grow in the midst of a critical economy.

If HelpGate does your estimating, design, engineering, CAD drawings and project management, your company will make the difference because HelpGates security, fire alarm and parking revenue outsourcing will:

give you a cost advantage due to reduction in project costs
outperform full-time specialized staff,
keep you from hiring top dollar full-time electronic security engineers
increase product quality
add improved time management without any effort on your part
set a platform for optimized business performance



HelpGate will outperform full-time specialized staff in quality of work, project cost reduction and therefore, increased management confidence.
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