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> Core Values

> Quality Standards Attitude is a state of mind, a feeling. Attitude is a predisposition to doing something in a certain way. Whether we are being proactive or reactive, attitude determines our response to everything in our life. At HelpGate, Quality is an attitude. We develop our own standard of quality and constantly reinforce these values. Click here to request a quote from HelpGate
> Pursuit of Excellence  



The Quality of our services is key to the continued success of our business. We reflect this attitude by:

Determining the clients needs and develop solutions accordingly

Designing services based on what our customers desire, need, want and what is best for them and their clients

Following established procedures, but always open for improvement

Remaining in constant personalized communication with our clients and returning calls and emails the same day

Posting any questions and concerns and also, dealing with any of them immediately

Producing quality work, exceptional services in any and all the areas we service our clients

Monitoring our performance periodically

Making changes


At HelpGate, we do not underestimate the importance of our clients but rather, we value their satisfaction, as we know that their testimonial has far beyond more power than the most sophisticated advertising. But more importantly, we value their satisfaction because this fulfills our call.

We are pleased to supply our clients with a desired, needed and valued service, never lowering our standards but rather, listening to their positive or negative criticism, finding wisdom in all feedback that reaches us. We love innovation, but we also innovate only with what has a proven benefit for our clients.

HelpGate cares.

If we are not delivering according to these Core Values, please write: core_values_confidential@helpgate-inc.com


When you do business with us once, you will want to come again, and again because our values will bring you back.
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