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Delegating fire alarm estimating and engineering to inexperienced team players may be costly. If a sales person designs and sells a system that does not meet code and minimun requirements, this means more money and delays.

A successful Fire Alarm installation depends on code, Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and special conditions of the building. HelpGate provides you with peace of mind through our estimating, engineering and commissioning services.

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Our estimates provide a bill of materials including wiring and Conduit, if need be. We also submit the labor involved, and we make sure that everything is in line with local and applicable codes. Whether your project is new construction or retrofit, your firm does not need to hire specialized estimators in fire alarm, we do our homework to maximize the success of your project.



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        HelpGate can either engineer a design provided by you, or we can design and engineer a system from scratch. Our engineering specialists are NICET certified in Fire Alarm and hands on experience and factory trained in design and implementation of well known manufacturers such as EST (now GE), Notifier, Silent Knight, Firelite and many others. We will customize the engineering accordingly and will provide a full set of engineering CAD drawings, detailed engineering and submittals that meet all the requirements. Your firm only has to provide the CAD backgrounds.
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        If your need is in commissioning, we will inspect the system thoroughly to certify that the installation meets all applicable codes and the design criteria. We will develop detailed documentation showing all devices tested and procedure for testing each device as well as the results of each test performed on each particular device and the system. This way, your key technicians can get busy on the next project while we stay behind doing our work.



HelpGate provides you with peace of mind through estimating, engineering and commissioning.
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