HelpGate offers the best and most detailed CAD drawing standards in the industry.
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Accurate drawings are the key for a successful installation. HelpGate offers everything required to guarantee smooth installation as we offer color coded, permit, production and as-builts CAD drawing sets to integrators and consultants. Our conduit risers are of great value to electrical contractors that take care of conduit and raceways. We have a wealth of details for virtually any type of device in the areas of security, fire alarm and parking.

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    Cover Sheet cover sheet sample  



Our cover sheets include color coded and industry proven symbols that are easy to find and understand for both plan reviewers and technicians. Depending on the project, we will include sheet index, code ordinances, general and specific notes pertaining to that project.



        General Notes general notes sample    
      We can use your notes or provide project specific installation notes that can be customized for bidding, (when working for consultants) or for plan reviewer and installation crews.    
        Device Layout device layout sample    
        Devices are shown indicating sides, angles and type of mounts. Each device is color coded depending on the trade and clearly identified with a number. Symbols are simple and easy to identify and their size is proportional to the plan scale. Our drawings are done having the installation crew in mind.    
        Cabling Indications cabling indications sample    
        Each technology and device will utilize very specific cabling. Our plans specify type of cable, size and destination of each cable run. This makes it easy for the electrical contractor on site. Along with cabling indications at each security device location, we provide all required information to calculate conduit fill.    
        Conduit Indications conduit indications sample    
        Depending on the project or type of customer, we can also provide Conduit diameter required for each cable run. This is particularly useful for the electrical contractor that will run the security conduit and raceways.    
        Details details sample    
        One of the highlights of our craftsmanship is the high degree of detail. Our detail engineering includes everything required for a particular device such as type of device, type of mount, front and side views showing all field devices, conduit sizes, and mounting height and distances. NFPA compliance is also noted in door details. We include a bill of equipment and materials to make it easier for the field technician.    
        Hardware Schedule hardware sample    
        Access controls always requires electrified hardware. Our drawings show all the information that meets NFPA requirements. Door number, sizes, and specific electrified hardware is clearly indicated. Plan reviewers love to review our plans     
        Parking Access parking access sample    
        Our parking drawings show equipment per lane in great detail. We show the location of barrier gates, automatic payment machines and entrance/exit columns with specific measurements and mounting instructions. A description of operation is always included, and an electrical riser and high voltage requirements. Particular installation details are always included    
        Electrical Riser electrical riser sample    
        The electrical riser required for permiting organizes devices very clearly. All symbology is consistent with device layout plan and details. Our riser layout is always pleasant to the eye, easy to understand for plan reviewer and your technical personnel.    
        Conduit Riser conduit riser sample    
        Conduit risers are a must for the electrical contractor that will provide conduit and raceways for any low voltage trade. We can produce simple risers indicating conduit runs only, or we can add all the equipment. This is particularly appreciated by field technicians because they have all the information in one single document.    



Save in costly hardware/software, training and full-time salaries. HelpGate has the most detailed drawings in the industry
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