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We have developed a set of Core Values that help us achieve our goals. These principles help us satisfy our clients and our employees.

This set of Core Values is foundational to the covenant that our employees and partners have to agree with before they become part of the HelpGate Team and we are committed to honor these values with our hearts.

We have grouped these in three categories: Our Integrity, Our Expertise, and Our Timely Delivery.

        Albert Camus said, “Integrity has no need of rules.” – HelpGate® holds dearly the following everlasting attributes of Integrity which are values that guarantee true achievement in any business and in life. For HelpGate®, Integrity means:    
Trustworthiness, at HelpGate® we believe in the keeping of one’s word. When there is integrity, a handshake is as valuable as a written contract. If we committed, we will meet the commitment. Therefore, we do as we committed to do, we deliver on time, we pay on time.
Confidentiality, at HelpGate® we believe in the utmost importance of discretion, we protect zealously our clients’ information, we hold secret all information relating to a client, a project or any communication, whether doing business at present or not. Therefore, we share no information belonging to a client, vendor or employee even at the expense of losing a potential account, a partner or an employee.
Honesty, at HelpGate® we believe in seeking and speaking the truth. We believe in a lifestyle without lying, cheating, or any form of deception. Therefore, you get what you paid for, our invoices are clear and specific.
Fairness, at HelpGate® we believe in treating others equally and making decisions without favoritism or prejudice. Therefore, the value of our work is the same regardless of the size and resources of the client.
Compassion, at HelpGate® we believe in showing care and kindness for others, especially those who are in need. Therefore, although we are in business to make a profit, people and relationships go first.
Respect, at HelpGate® we believe in the ability to understand where our rights end and someone else's begin. Therefore, clients, employees and partners will be treated because of who they are, and what they do.
Responsibility, at HelpGate® we believe in being accountable for actions towards ourselves, others and the community. Therefore, if despite our efforts we make a mistake, we will face it without excuses, without using any resource to manipulate or to take advantage of a situation.
At HelpGate®, these attributes of Integrity define who we really are.
        Denis Waitley said, “Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience.” - HelpGate® believes in the value of Expertise which is what allows us to achieve more but with less energy and time. The following are the attributes of Expertise.    
          Knowledge, at HelpGate® we believe in the certainty of the know-how in the fields we specialize. We believe that the balance of knowledge acquired through hard study, and through experience will enable us to serve our clients.
Communication, at HelpGate® we believe that the activity of conveying information determines our success. We make it a point to keep our clients and employees informed, it is a company policy to return phone calls on the same day.
Industriousness, at HelpGate® we realize the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards of putting forth efforts to achieve our goals.
Quality, at HelpGate® we exist to serve our clients with what goes above and beyond their expectations and produces a result that they will always be proud of. We pay special attention to following procedure, detail and thoroughness for the sake of excellence. At HelpGate®, we believe that great things come from the value we give the small things in our daily life.
Employee Satisfaction, at HelpGate® we encourage each employee’s professional and personal improvement and acknowledge their peculiar talents. We value their input and listen to suggestions and concerns.
Client Satisfaction, at HelpGate® the quest for continuous improvement, our dilligent communication skills and our passion with quality, and the value we give our employees add up to give us the capability to go the extra mile to satisfy our clients.
At HelpGate®, these attributes of Expertise define what we really do.

At HelpGate®, we understand the importance of timely service and hence are committed to Timely Delivery to you. For us, Timely Delivery means a lot more than simple delivering a project at the time we committed.

At HelpGate®, our Timely Delivery is the evidence of who we really are and what we really do. Timely Delivery is a proof of our Integrity, as we strive to honor our commitments. Also, Timely Delivery is a proof of our Expertise because we show you how our knowledge, communication skills, industriousness and passion for quality come together to accomplish the only goal of client satisfaction.

At HelpGate®, Timely Delivery is the tangible proof of our Integrity ( who we are) and our Expertise (what we do).


If we are not delivering according to these Core Values please write:


When you do business with us once, you will want to come again, and again because our values will bring you back.
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